Anyone who knows Joe, knows that family is very important to him.  Especially his grandchildren who call him ‘JoePa.’  Joe has been the ‘father of the bride’ and ‘father of the groom’ for his two sons.  All three of those weddings were phenomenal and everyone who attended has fabulous memories of the great celebrations.

When it comes to the cigars for the celebration, Joe wants to make sure that every guest who receives the commemorative cigars savors them either by smoking or saving them as a keepsake.  When budgets allow, Joe loves coming on-site with his cigar roller and performing Cigartainment® for the families and guests.

Joe also realizes that not all budgets reach as far as full Cigartainment® so he is willing to send Jorge (or Ingrid) alone when it’s appropriate, depending on the number of guests.  Please keep in mind that the cigar roller’s job is to make the cigars.  They can not give full attention to that task and teach about the process at the same time.  Of course, they both are very polite and willing to answer questions but it’s not the same as having a Cigartainer there who’s job it is to explain.

For the times when it is only possible to have our great custom cigars alone (no on-site), Joe will send them in time for the celebration.  In any case, you, your families and your guests will enjoy the world’s finest private label premium cigars when they come from Joe.

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