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My name is Joe Sweigart.  I am known to thousands of folks as “The Cigartainer.”  I am the author of the book, “Long Ashes, Baby” which describes my quest to make the world’s finest private label premium cigars and my unique brand of “face-to-face marketing” taking place from 1995 until 2008.  The blog posts on this site describe my activities since then.

I have logged more than a half-million sky miles performing at exclusive private events with CEO’s, Senior Executives, Celebrities and/or Professional Athletes.  Unless you’ve been to one of these events (or know someone who has), you’ve probably never heard of me because I assure my clients of absolute discretion (except when I do rare ‘public’ appearances.)  This is necessary because of the ‘AIG Effect.’  Professional event planners know what I mean by that.

I call my event action-station, “Cigartainment®.”  My forte is engaging VIP’s in a fun, interactive manner while sharing my vast knowledge about premium cigars.  I am a “Certified Sales Tobacconist” by Tobacconist University, the teaching arm of the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR).  I’ve exhibited at their ‘industry only’ trade show three times and know all the major ‘cigar personalities’ (see pics by clicking here.)

During my three trips to the Dominican Republic, I visited more than a dozen cigar factories and tobacco fields.  I’ve been to the Connecticut tobacco fields and several ‘factories‘ here in the USA.  I’ve worked with many cigar rollers including those trained in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Honduras.

But since 2005, I have had an exclusive arrangement with Sr. Jorge Doctsch who was born in and then trained by the Masters in Havana, Cuba.  Keep in mind that even in Cuba, not all cigar rollers are great (80/20 Rule).  Jorge is the best-of-the-best.  He uses the entubado method of bunching employed only by Level 7 cigar makers.  That is what creates the best draw on premium cigars.  Since I’ve been working with Jorge, my dream of producing the world’s finest private label premium cigars has come true.  Thousands of VIP’s claim that ours are, “The best cigar they’ve ever smoked.”

Posted below are a couple of videos and then I’ll tell you more about my background which I hope you find interesting.  If you are in search of custom cigars for business purposes, a special celebration or an on-site cigar rolling action station and only want the best, I hope you’ll join my family of clients.  Please surf my site and the other blog posts.  Thank you for visiting.  Please know that I wish for you and yours a life full of Long Ashes, Baby!!!

Article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle about Joe


I started my first business at age 6. I was a shoe-shine boy. At age 10, I began delivering evening & Sunday newspapers in downtown Harrisburg, PA. At age 13, I started delivering groceries. I worked my way through high school as a short-order cook & assistant manager of a small diner.

I’ve been a bill collector, Ironworker (Local 404), purchasing agent, vp of public relations, salesman for swimming pools, insurance, yellow pages and several other jobs over my long career.  I ran for public office in Harrisburg three times having won the primaries & loosing the general elections.

I graduated college with a BA in Applied Behavioral Science at the age of 47.  I have studied business psychology extensively and take an ‘old-school‘ approach to sales.  I am a expert in customer service, especially face-to-face public relations and using cigars for business purposes. I call my clients my ‘friends.’  My Rule #1 is HAVE FUN and I am passionate about bringing that philosophy to my client’s cigar action stations.

I have been married to the same woman since 1967. Elaine is responsible for us getting into the cigar industry.  She worked for General Cigar from 1991 until 1999.  When she left, she was not only the first female to be a Premium Cigar Rep for a major cigar manufacturer but she was an Assistant Regional Manager and Sales Trainer.  We have three children who are all married and seven grandchildren.  All 15 of us live in the Atlanta area.  When not working, we like traveling.  I play golf and Elaine is a potter.  Life is great for us and I wish the same for you.

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