Meet Ingrid Doctsch

Cuban Cigar Roller

Ingrid was born in Havana, Cuba.  Her dream as a little girl was to be a veterinarian.  She loved the animals on their small farm outside Havana city.  Her high school concentration was in veterinary medicine.  But after four years of study, she was scheduled to go to work on a government farm 500 miles away from her home (mandatory work requirement of all adolescent Cuban youth). 

Ingrid refused to go.  Her father tried in vain to make a ‘under-the-table’ payment to a local official.  The government refused her diploma in Veterinary.  Her father then arranged with a friend to have her learn cigar rolling.  She went to work in the La Corona cigar factory as an apprentice.

Shortly after her apprenticeship, a family tragedy claimed her brother.  The family (mother & sister) was devastated.  They applied for the lottery and won.  They left for the USA (father stayed in Cuba).  She spoke no English and was only 20 years old when they arrived in Miami.

Ingrid was determined to find work and did so in a cigar factory in Hialeah, FL (part of Miami).  She worked there for three years and became their best cigar roller.

She met Jorge in 2002.  They married in 2005.  She has done many Cigartainment® events with us throughout the country.  Once we sent her alone to St. Kitts for a client.  She is fantastic.

She now works for the local school district and helps Jorge when she can.

While Ingrid is on hiatus from cigar rolling, she was, is and always will be a part of our family.

Ingrid Doctsch