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Cigar Host Bolsters Charity Golf Events!

Joe ‘the Cigartainer’ Sweigart makes sure the cigar smokers who attend very high end charity golf events smile more and enjoy what he calls, “Long Ashes, Baby!!!” which, is also the title of his book.  He personally guarantees the world’s finest private label premium cigars and the best cigar rollers in the USA.  His clients know their cigar smokers like him.  He’s fun to have around!

Joe believes that happy donors donate more.  Let’s face it,there are a lot of very worthy charities out there.  And the supply of charity dollars is limited.  Joe makes sure the players at his client’s events know the sponsor’s appreciation for their participation by presenting them with a premium cigar with a commemorative label.  Many times, that cigar was rolled right there in front of the guest by Joe’s cigar roller.

Why Should Donors Choose Your Event?

Each event needs to separate themselves in some way to make it attractive to donors.  At the East Lake Foundation for example, they bring in several high profile celebrities and professional athletes for their golf tournament.  It also helps them that they host a little golf tournament to conclude the PGA Tour each year.  Of course, they also have Joe host their cigar station during their Parings Party/Auction!  The above picture features Joe, Jorge (his cigar maker), Aidan Quinn and George Lopez at this year’s event.

But every tournament is searching for the right mix of elements that is going to make their event special.  Joe knows how hard tournament organizers work to find ways to show their appreciate to the participants and sponsors.  Savvy planners book Joe because he knows how to relate to the VIP’s who participate.  Joe is passionate, real and authentic.  Joe is ‘old school.’  In these days and times, that special face-to-face interaction is a very special added touch to an event.  Learn more about Joe by clicking here.

Local Charities Compete For Those Dollars Too

Cigartaining for AT&T benefiting United Way

Joe hosts cigar stations complete with his cigar roller right on the golf course during play.  Charity golf outings are wonderful in so many ways but especially in the camaraderie renewed and established among people of like minds.  In the case of the golf outing, to support some great cause be it: United Way, Boys/Girls Clubs, Children’s Hospitals, you name it.  Joe makes sure the sponsor’s ‘cigar hole’ is fun and interactive.  And the cigars are world class quality enjoyed by aficionados and novices alike.  Joe’s cigar maker, Jorge, and his wife make all the cigars in their factory in Port St. Lucie, FL.  They are both Cuban born and trained.

The CEO’s and Senior Executives of Atlanta’s corporations are people who care.  Joe sees them and their colleagues at numerous events raising lots of dollars for the important causes of the community.  Their signs are at many charity events because they are at many charity events.  They give their time as well as their money.  Joe appreciates that many of them are premium cigar smokers.

Premium Cigar Smokers Are A Desirable Demographic

According to the Mendelsohn Survey of the Affluent, 33% of those with incomes above $100k, had purchased some cigar related item in the past year.  Joe’s experience is that the higher up the corporate scale you go, the more likely you’re going to find premium cigar smokers, especially when golf is involved.  And cigar smokers are very generous people.

The premium cigar industry hosts several high profile charity events each year including ones for prostate cancer and autism.  Those events draw famous cigar smokers like Rush Limbaugh, George Lopez, Michael Jordan and others.  But local cigar shops also are usually the first ones to donate to the local schools and charitable causes in their neighborhoods.

Any Silent Auction Activity For Cigars?

Apex Golf donated the Jack Daniels we the cigars together they brought $270 for the cause

The Sweigart Family becomes more of a marketing partner with it’s charity golf client’s rather than simply a vendor with great cigars.  In addition to offering their services at a greatly reduced fee, they donate a beautiful cherry humidor filled with Double-Wrapped Torpedoes for the silent auction.  At this year’s United Way tournament, the item brought eight bidders with the final bid at $270.00.  There are many similar stories which show the acute link between cigars and charity golf events.  There are also many people who will provide references.  Please ask for a list when you talk to Joe.

Bolster Your Next Charity Golf Tournament

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